Team Merch Sportswear is a proudly Australian owned company based in Brisbane renowned for the manufacture of unrivalled quality sportswear and accessories to sport teams, clubs, businesses and schools all over Australia.

Team Merch Sportswear has grown from a small, family run business to an iconic, industry leading brand worn by sports men, women and children all over Australia. We are a company that takes pride in knowing we set the benchmark for manufacturing standards that eclipses all rivals, proven in the dramatic growth of our business. Our constant pursuit of perfection is overshadowed by our industry leading customer service strategies.

Team Merch Sportswear sets the industry standard for innovation and relentless dedication to product development, technology and customer service. Our production partners are the best in the business by achieving production dead lines of only 3 weeks on all apparel ensuring Team Merch Sportswear maintains the fastest production processes in Australia whilst employing the strictest quality audit procedures in this industry.

Through hard work and effort, Team Merch Sportswear has become one of the fastest growing sportswear companies in Australia with thousands of teams and organisations wearing our brand.

We are here to ensure your club, business or school is dressed in state of the art sportswear manufactured with colours and designs that are fresh, appealing and more importantly, exactly as you ordered.

This is what we live and breathe so call us now…. We’re here to help you!