Engaging Our Services

Please be advised that when you engage Team Merch Sportswear via phone, email, text or via social media to conduct any type of design work you have agreed to the below terms and conditions.

We encourage all our prospective clients to request a quote for supply services and should that quote be accepted then commencement of design work can begin at no cost to the client should the client proceed with the order and acceptance of the design visuals. Upon acceptance of any quote and approval of design visuals, the client is bound to the terms and conditions as pictured below and as outlined in full at www.teammerch.com.au/terms-conditions.

Design Fees:

Design services are free as per the below conditions when the client wishes to place an order and provides approval to commence design work after receiving the relevant price list.


  1. Free design services include the 1st design and 3 revisions. Further revisions will be charged as per the below rates.
  2. Logos that are not provided in a vector format such as pdf, .eps file or .ai file and have to be redrawn will incur a fee as per the below rates. NOTE: When supplying a pdf you can check if it’s in vector format by zooming in on the image. If the lines of the image are clear and sharp and do not blur then it is vector. If you zoom in and the image becomes blurry then the image is not vector and will require redrawing.
  3. Three (3) logo redraws are included in the free service however any logos after that will incur a fee as per the below rates.
  4. Clients that approve TMS to commence design services but either do not submit an order or cancel an order will be charged as per the below rates.


  • Revisions: a flat rate fee of $30 + gst inclusive will be applied for any revisions outside the free service guidelines above.
  • Logos: a flat rate fee of $40 + gst per logo that is required to be redrawn outside of the free service guidelines above.
  • Cancellations/No Orders: a flat fee of $150 + gst for the pdf visual designed plus $40 + gst per logo redrawn.

Copyright of Designs:

Should a client engage Team Merch Sportswear to commence design work and then not proceed with an order for the design created, all design work is the Intellectual Property of Team Merch Sportswear Pty Ltd and cannot be provided to another supplier for their and the clients use. This is in breach of the Copyright Act 1968 and prosecutions will be commenced. Please refer to our copyright page for further information: https://www.teammerch.com.au/copyright.